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Parents Weekly Bulletin - 21 June 2021

Students from the year 12 Business Studies class visited the Chelsea Physic Garden last week for an interactive marketing seminar.  You can find out about this successful trip and keep up to date with other 'good news' stories from school on our Twitter feed and other social media.

Our PPE (Pre-Public) examinations for children in years 7-10 and year 12 start next week.  Please support your child by helping them to plan their revision and providing them with a suitable quiet space at home to study. 

One way to boost your child's performance is to make sure that they have a healthy, filling breakfast each day.  The canteen is open each day between 8.10am-8.30am for students to purchase breakfast.  You can see the menus here.

As you may be aware the government is asking parents to maintain regular Covid-19 testing of their children to help prevent the spread of the virus.  You can read a letter to parents from the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, here.

Weekly words of wisdom ... They cannot stop me. I will get my education, if it is in the home, school, or anyplace. – Malala Yousafzai

Parents Weekly Bulletin - 14 June 2021

Congratulations to the six children in year 7, 8 and 9 who were winners of our Art competition which was supported by SISK construction and will see their art work displayed on billboards on St John's Hill, Clapham Junction in the next few weeks.  Find our more about this story, and lots of other good news stories on our social media @SJBC_London 

Given the high temperatures forecast for this week we have relaxed rules on blazers and ties (for boys) on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week only.  Students will return to wearing normal uniform on Thursday (17 June) as temperatures return to normal.

Can I remind you all to impress upon your children the importance of behaving sensibly and courteously on the way to and from school.  Just one student being inconsiderate or rude to a member of the public can negatively affect the reputation of all the other well-behaved and polite students at the school and potentially bring the school in to disrepute.  Any student who does this puts their school place at risk.

Parents' Weekly Bulletin - 31 May 2021

Welcome to our first weekly bulletin from SJBC - where you'll get a weekly update of key information from the school for parents.  Don't forget that you can also read lots of great news stories about the school and our wonderful students in our regular 'Bosco Times' magazine and on our Social Media.

Well done year 11 and year 13

Our year 11 and year 13 students completed the last of their assessments just before the half-term break and it was wonderful to celebrate the end of their academic year together with liturgies in the Chapel and the Salesian garden.  We wish year 13 all the best for the next stage of their education and we look forward to welcoming our year 11s back in to the sixth form.

Return to school on Monday 7 June

Students return to school on Monday 7 June with a staggered start as follows:

Year group

Arrive at

Assembly Period

Lessons start & continue as per normal timetable

Year 7



Year 12

Year 10



Year 7 

Year 9



3a Year 10 

3c Year 9 

Year 8



(Year 8 lunch 4c)




Year 8 

All students will finish at the normal Monday time of 2.30pm.

Start of day times will then be 8.30am arrival for an 8.40am start for all year groups with years 7/10 using the car park gate and years 8/9 using the Devereux gate.  Students will finish at 1.40pm on Tuesdays and Fridays and at 2.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


Breakfast will be available for students to purchase before school between 8.10 and 8.30am daily.  Students can buy this from the canteen and then consume it in the outdoor dining areas.  To enable those students who wish to purchase both breakfast and lunch the daily spend limit on their cards will be raised to £7.50 after half-term.

ID cards

Students can only pay for their breakfast and lunches using their ID cards which can be topped up online via Parentmail or in school via the cash machine.  We are currently not using fingerprint technology due to Covid-19.   Students failing to bring their lunch cards or students with insufficient credit on them will not be able to purchase food from the canteen.  If your child has lost their card please provide them with £5 to purchase a new one from school. 


All students are expected to arrive at school correctly dressed to maintain our high standards of personal presentation.  This relates particularly to forgotten blazers and ties and to incorrect footwear. Students failing to arrive with correct uniform will be asked to return home to collect these items.  If you are struggling to provide uniform for your child please let us know so that we can help. 

I'd also like to remind parents that the only jackets that students can wear to school are plain, dark jackets.   Hoodies and other non-uniform items will be confiscated and only returned at the end of term or if a parent collects them.

Can I also remind you that piercings are not allowed in school and students must remove them at the gate in the morning.  Please do not encourage your son/daughter to get a new piercing during half-term because they will be expected to remove these on arrival at school and will not be able to go to class if they don't remove them. 

HPV vaccinations

On Monday 7 June, students in years 8 and 9 will be receiving their HPV vaccinations.  More details to follow.

Updated 31 May 2021

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