At Saint John Bosco College, uniform is compulsory for all students in Years 7-11 (Years 12 and 13 may wear business dress of their own choice), and we ask for the full co-operation of every parent in the maintenance of high standards in dress and appearance. We believe that attendance at school looking smart, professional and ready to learn is an essential part of our students’ success, both now and in the future. As a consequence, any student who attends SJBC not in full school uniform (which includes wearing additional items of clothing or jewellery which are not authorised) will be sent home to change. We also feel that each of our young people has a responsibility to represent the school well and with pride to the outside world and expect them to wear full school dress both on their way to and home from school to the same high standards that we expect when they are in the College building. The key words are smartness and general appropriateness; extremes should be avoided at all times.

The equipment list is compulsory also and should be taken as seriously as the uniform, as a set of required items for each day of our students’ school life.

Boys’ and Girls’ Uniform

  • Dark blue blazer with embroidered school logo
  • Year 7 & 8 White button to the neck shirt, not fitted or with darts (long or short sleeved but not

3⁄4 length sleeves) or white blouse

  • Year 9 - 11 Light blue button to the neck shirt, not fitted or with darts (long or short sleeved

but not 3⁄4 length sleeves) or light blue blouse

  • Dark grey jumper embroidered school logo (optional)
  • Mid grey trousers or mid grey skirt
  • Black, smart, sensible shoes capable of being polished (not trainers or pumps, high heels,

suede-style or boots- see below)

  • Black, navy blue or dark grey socks or tights (no sports socks or inner shoe ‘sockettes’)
  • School tie to be worn with to the neck buttoned shirt
  • Water-proof, warm winter coat (black or dark blue) Black or navy blue gloves, hat and scarf
  • Practical rucksack or black school bag large enough to carry bulky items and be carried

comfortably (no ladies’ handbags, drawstring bags, shopping bags or very small or otherwise impractical or unsuitable bags)

PE Kit

  • Polo shirt with school logo PE jumper with school logo Navy ‘striped’ shorts
  • Sports socks Trainers
  • School PE kit bag

Long hair should be tied back in a blue or black clip or band with no hair covering the eyes. Hair should have no colours added/changed. No extremes of style are permitted including tram lines. No jewellery should be worn apart from a discreet religious symbol such as a crucifix. No nail varnish or makeup should be worn whatsoever. No visible piercings are allowed (including tongue, lip and nose).

All students should own a dark blue or black warm winter coat, scarf and gloves. They must not come to school in the cold or wet weather wearing only their blazer. Shoes must support the whole foot. Shoes that do not fully grip the upper part of the foot are not suitable. Heels should be flat (no higher than 3 cm). Bows etc are not allowed and toes should not be too pointed. Sling-back shoes, ankle strap shoes, fabric or plastic beach type shoes and black trainers are not acceptable. Ankle or other winter boots (including ‘Ugg’-style boots) are not to be worn inside the building. Tights or socks may be worn but not in combination.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students, as young adults and role models within the school, are required to attend in business dress. This means for boys a business-style shirt with collar and Sixth Form tie, black or brown shoes (not trainers, pumps, sandals or flip flops) full-length trousers (not jeans or cargo-style). No earrings, hats, jewellery or ear (or other) studs, metal or otherwise. For girls business dress means full length tailored trousers or knee length skirt, a tailored shirt or blouse (not cropped or sleeveless), shoes (not trainers, pumps, sandals, flip flops). Students who arrive improperly dressed will not be allowed to enter the premises until their dress is correct.

Ordering School Uniform