Senior Leadership Team    
Mr P Dunne Headteacher
Ms M Budzynska Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Lane Head of Learning
Ms S Motiwala Head of Learning
Ms L Bennett Head of Learning
Mr R Lake Head of Learning
Ms R Ahmad Assistant Headteacher
Ms S El-Miniawi Assistant Headteacher
Miss L Foulsham Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Scott Assistant Headteacher
Mr P Sullivan Assistant Headteacher
Ms M Griffith Business Manager
Middle Leadership Team    
Ms R Tezare Lead Practitioner
Mr K Uddin Lead Practitioner
Mr H Singh Lead Practitioner
Ms B Dybowska ASD Resource Base Lead
T Msanide Head of Science
Miss E Haigh Head of Maths
Mr S Kilcullen Head of English
Fr A Ebrahim Head of RE
Mr H Pinder Head of DT
Mrs K Wyciszkiewicz SENCO
Ms M Tharsis Head of MFL
Ms M Perrineau-Daley Head of Computing
Ms M Browing Head of Sixth Form 
Ms F Norgrove Head of House - Teresa
Mr B Davison Head of House - Rafqa
Ms R Morris Head of House - Kolbe
Ms Rosemary Addai Head of House - Romero
Mr G Shaw Head of House - Moses
Ms A Villa Head of Geography
Miss S Sharp Head of Art
Mr S Flanagan Head of Music
Ms R Persaud Head of Business
Ms I Fletcher Head of History
Mr Grinell-Parke Head of PE
Mr J Collins Literacy Lead
Miss H O'Dowda 2 i/c Science ho'
Mr A Chikunga 2 i/c Maths
Mr M Di Paola 2 i/c English
Ms F Burrows PD Lead
Mr K Rowland Extra-curricular Lead
Mr J Aparicio Lead for Spanish speaking students
Admin Team    
Ms C Carrington HR Officer & SLT Admin
Ms Hosseinian Network Manager
Mrs M Lambert Office/Exams Manager
Mrs K Hailes Attendance Officer
Ms T Collis Finance Officer
Ms S Hart Finance Assistant
Ms D Parrott Admin/Exams Assistant
Ms Rose Livsey-Barnes Admissions Admin