School Equipment

Guidelines on Equipment

It is imperative that all students come to school fully prepared with all the equipment that is required to learn.

The following is required, each day:

A sturdy, waterproof school bag, pencil case, pencils (HB and colouring), pens (at least 3- either black or blue), ruler, eraser, geometry kit (available at W H Smiths), calculator.

Mobile phones/MP3/personal luxury items or items of sentimental value should not be brought to school. The school takes no responsibility for such items and staff will not be asked to investigate their disappearance. In the event of a student choosing to bring such an item to school it must be kept in in students' bags for use on their way to and from school only. Having a phone/electronic equipment visible in a lesson or around the school will result in the confiscation of the item for 7 days. The item will be placed in a sealed, named, dated envelope and locked in the school safe and must be collected by the student after 7 days. Parents wishing to collect the phone on their child's behalf should telephone the school to arrange a convenient time to collect it.

All students are issued with a school communications book arrival at St John Bosco College. The first book is free of charge and is the student’s responsibility. Any lost communications books are replaced at a cost of £3.00.