SEND - St Francis (Mainstream)

Student Support at St John Bosco College

“Without confidence and love, there can be no true education. If you want to be loved…you must love yourselves, and make your children feel that you love them.”
(St John Bosco)

At St John Bosco College we believe that every child has the right to an education that is tailored specifically for their needs. Inclusivity is paramount for every child, our staff are extremely dedicated in finding strategies and different teaching approaches to make sure that every child is able to access the curriculum and achieve their goals.

The Governing Body believes that the admission criteria should not discriminate against students with SEN.

The School provides for students with a wide range of both abilities and needs. Places for children with or without a special educational need are allocated in line with the whole school admissions policy of the Governing Body.

The SEN Disability Act 2001 (SENDA) strengthens the right of all children to be educated within mainstream schools. The Act stipulates that children with statements of SEN must be educated in mainstream schools unless:
•            this would be incompatible with the wishes of the child’s parents, or
•            affect the provision of efficient education of other children.

All reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that students can be included. When a maintained school is named in a child’s statement, the school must admit the child. The Local Authority (LA) must consult the school before naming the school.

At St John Bosco College, our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator is Katarzyna Wyciszkiewicz.
She can be contacted on:
Telephone: 020 7924 8310 

St. Francis:

“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.” St Francis De Sales

In St. Francis, the Special Educational Needs Department, we work with parents and students to ensure that every child is supported in their learning and development as a valued individual. We work closely with all staff in the school to ensure that lessons are well planned and delivered and include a range of tasks and ways of working to give all students opportunities to do well. Staff receive regular training on how to support pupils with different needs and receive profiles of each child with additional needs with personalised support strategies to use in class.  

We also provide a range of additional support for students who have been identified as having a specific need. This might include:

  • in class support (focusing on core and practical subjects)
  • literacy support groups
  • numeracy support groups
  • short‐term 1‐1 tuition in literacy or numeracy
  • science support groups
  • social skills groups
  • support with homework
  • confidence building clubs
  • mentoring
  • a reading buddy scheme
  • Speech, Language and Communication skills groups
  • access to a lunchtime haven
  • handwriting support groups
  • additional access to ICT facilities
  • specialist assessment
  • applying for exam access arrangements for public examinations
  • referral and liaison with external specialist agencies and professionals - Personal Support Plans

Any parent of a child who has SEN or is in Savio or Devereux  (ASD Bases) can make an appointment to speak to the SENCO or relevant Lead Professional in school.

See the schools Special Needs Information Report below for a full outline of the support we offer to our students.