Religious Education

Welcome to RE at St John Bosco College. We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from what you will learn during your RE lessons, here at our school.

Come with an open mind to your lessons. Be prepared to give of your very best so that you are able to achieve beyond your wildest expectations - lots of our former students have already done that. We are a Catholic school, so the bulk of the RE syllabus is focused on Catholic Christianity, but we also touch on other faiths such as Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Atheists shouldn’t feel left out, you are welcome to share your views and input too.

As a department, we believe that every human being is made in the image of God and that gives us all certain basic human rights, such as freedom of thought. Therefore, whatever faith you have or even if you have no faith, we look forward to hearing your angle on what we will study; indeed, listening to other points of view is a very important way to becoming a good, well-rounded, human being.

As well as following the RE syllabus, approved by the Catholic Church, our curriculum includes trips to places as diverse as a monastery, a mandir and a synagogue. We’ll visit art galleries, museums and exhibitions too.

When you get to the Sixth Form, you have the option of studying Philosophy and Ethics at A Level.  If that sounds complicated, well, it is! However, it’s a great subject that really gets your brain cells churning and the Universities love the subject too. Furthermore, in Sixth Form, you will have the option of writing for our magazine, Faith Matters, which we produce for adult reading. You will see from the tab on the right, some of the celebrities we have managed to interview. In addition, if media is your thing, then you can sign up to present a monthly programme on Radio Maria, a national Catholic radio station. It is a hugely rewarding experience and, again, you can tap into some of what our Sixth Formers have done on the Radio Maria tab to the right of the page.

Do browse the rest of our page and if you have any further questions, come and have a chat to one of the RE teachers.

We look forward to meeting you…

The RE Department