RE GCSE Edexcel

 Religious Studies - Catholic Christianity (Specification A) with Judaism

Paper One: Catholic Christianity 1 hour 45 minutes  

Beliefs and Teachings 

Sources of Wisdom and Authority 

The Bible
Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium of the Church
The Second Vatican Council 
The Church as the Body of Christ

The Four Marks of the Church1
The Four Marks of the Church2

Mary as model of the Church
Sources of Personal and Ethical Decision-Making

Forms of Expression and Ways of Life 

The Architecture, Design and Decoration of Catholic Churches
The Internal Features of a Catholic Church
Sacred objects and Sacred vessels
Religious Paintings, Frescos and Drawings
The Meaning and Significance of Sculptures and Statues1

The Meaning and Significance of Sculptures and Statues2

Religious Symbols:
Drama, Mystery and Passion Plays

Religious Music 


Paper Two: Judaism 50 minutes  


Judaism - Public Acts of Worship
Judaism - The Tenakh and Talmud

Judaism - Prayer

Judaism - Shema and Amidah
Judaism - Rites of Passage
Overview of Judaism Festivals 
Judaism - Festivals
Judaism - Features of the synagogue
Summary of Judaism Practices

Paper Three: Philosophy and Ethics through Catholic Christianity  

Philosophy - Arguments for the existence of God 


Sexual Relationships 
Support for families in the local parish


Divorce and remarriage

Equality of men and women in the family

Gender prejudice and discrimination