Course Materials

  • A3 sketchbook - Spiral bound is best as you can add in pages.
  • Cameras: You need to aim to have a "DSLR" to allow you to take control of all aspects of the camera when producing work. Canon and Nikon are the most popular brands; however, these are not the only ones. A popular and cost-effective model past students have used are the Canon 1000 series (Canon 1000d, 1200d, 1100d, 1200d, 1300d etc.).
  • Buying second hand from Gumtree or Ebay can be a real money saver, and please do go and look for a bargain! But please beware of scams and ensure you go with your parents if you travel to collect an item. Check it is working before paying for it and if you are not sure, walk away!
  • Memory card for your camera: Unless you buy a second-hand camera with one bundled, in you will need a memory card to store your images on. These can be bought from online retailers, like Amazon as well as various supermarkets. You should aim for at least 2Gb/4Gb.
  • Memory Stick: As we are a digital course, this is a crucial piece of equipment to store your work and bring it to school. (We also use Google Drive to ensure it is backed up!) You can get these in various sizes, but I recommend 4Gb or more. You can purchase them from various outlets, cheapest being supermarkets or Amazon.