Performing Arts

Subject: Performing Arts

Subject lead: Ms F Burrows

We believe that a performing arts education is crucial to building well-rounded, confident and creative students. Performing arts is taught from year 7-9, with the option to take GCSE Drama further in year 10 and 11. 

We have a large offer of extracurricular activities, including our annual whole school production which brings students together and staff alike. Giving students an opportunity to put their skills into practice. 

Please feel free to contact me here at the school by email should you have any questions or queries.

Here you can find a breakdown of what you will be learning each half-term, outlining:

  • The topics that you will be covering;
  • The subject specific vocabulary that you will need to learn;
  • Websites for revision and additional reading;
  • The topics have been provided so that you know what is being taught throughout the year and can then plan your revision around this.