New Year 7 Info

Information for parents and new year 7 students joining us in September 2020.

Please watch the following video clips from our staff, answering a few common questions and then scroll down for more information. If you haven't already watched our virtual tour video with Bethany, then please follow the link here SJBC Virtual Tour for New Year 7's September 2020

You can also watch our 'Induction Day' video, which will introduce you to some of our staff who will also be answering questions you may have about starting school in September.



Mr Dunne: 'Welcome to St John Bosco College'



 Ms Bud: 'What is my first day of school going to be?'



 Ms Parrott: 'What happens if I hurt myself?'



 Miss Blackman: 'Will I get help to settle in?'



Miss Single 'How Do I Find My Way Around School?'


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will you help me to settle in?

Yes, when you start in September you will have the chance to learn all about the way that we do things here at SJBC.   You will meet your form tutor and some of the older children in your form will be showing your around and helping you to settle quickly.  If you focus on your learning and behave well then you will settle in really quickly.

Will I get much homework?

Yes you will get regular homework.   It will focus on your revising what you’ve learned in class and extending and deepening your knowledge.  We will test you regularly on what you’ve learned to help you practice retrieving and recalling it. 

What subjects will I study in year 7?

You will study English, Maths, Science, RE, History, Geography, Technology, IT, PE, Art, Music and a foreign language.  This will either be French, Spanish or Italian.  You will be allocated to one of these groups if you haven’t already expressed a preference.

Which group will I be in?

Once you’ve been with us for a few weeks and we’ve found out more about you and what you’re good at we will decide whether you will join our accelerated stream, who do classics, in addition to the rest of the curriculum or whether you continue to be taught in a mixed ability group.

How will I find my way around?

St John Bosco College is a nice simple place to find your way around.  All the classrooms are in the same building and the rooms are numbered so that you can easily work out which floor they are on and where they are.  There are also signs and pictures up to show you which subject area you are in.  And don’t worry if you do get lost, all the staff will be happy to show you where to go.

What happens if I’m late to school?

We want you to arrive to school on time every day so that you don’t miss out on your learning.  Our first lesson of the day starts at 8.40am and you have to be in school when the first bell goes at 8.35am.  If you are late to school without a valid reason, such as a dentist appointment, then you will automatically have a detention that afternoon.  Just saying that the bus was late or that the traffic was bad is not a valid reason.  You are advised to get to school by 8.20am so that you have some leeway if there are delays.  Breakfast is available in school from 8.00am so why not come in and have something to eat before school.

What equipment do I need?

You should make sure that you turn up to school ready to learn.  Have at least 3 black pens with you so that you can write notes in your lessons.  You should have pencils, a ruler, a rubber and a calculator and ideally a maths set so that you can do all your work.  If you have a laptop or tablet device at home for your homework that will be really helpful too because we use Microsoft Teams for homework.  We also have a homework club in school if you prefer to stay after school to do your work.

What clubs can I join?

We have lots of exciting clubs and after-school activities,  you’ll get a full list when you come in September but these will include our Gardening club, our Science club, our Table Tennis club, our judo club, our cooking club, our Manga club … I could go on 😊 if you have an idea for a club then why not let us know!

What happens if I hurt myself or I don’t feel well?

If you have any problems you can come along to the student office and we’ll help you.  Lots of our staff are qualified as first-aiders so if you do have a bump or a bruise then one of the team will make sure that you’re OK.  Remember you can always ask a member of staff or one of the older students for help if there’s anything that you’re worried about or not sure of.