Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team

Elishia: School Captain 

The subjects that I study are Biology Chemistry and Design Technology. 
The application for School Captain was specifically interesting to me as I have been a part of the school community since year 7. 
My role is to oversee the personal development and the quality of educational opportunities that St John Bosco College offers and ensure that the opportunities that we provide at our school will fully support every student, helping them become well-rounded individuals
I am an Access Oxbridge Ambassador and have been a part of the programme for the past two years, which has given me the opportunity of attending an academic taster at Jesus College, Oxford, and has introduced me to different careers pathways and motivational speakers. 
My role as School Captain gives me the opportunity to give back to the St John Bosco College community as well as support our younger students, representing our RUAH ethos. 

Melina: School Captain

I am honoured to be the School Captain, one of the leading roles in the Sixth Form Student Leadership Team at St John Bosco College. I aspired for this role to align me with a future that can support the young woman that I am becoming. In addition, I would like to use my role to encourage others to be the best individuals they can be.
The subjects I study are Government and Politics, Psychology, and Sociology and the academic environment at school feels harmonious and a pleasure to be part of.
My inspiration is rooted in the strong leaders I see around me, particularly the excellent communication among the Sixth Form Leadership Team. With this in mind, I feel optimistic that my role can be fulfilled.
My specific aim is to ensure personal development by unlocking the capability and potential I experience daily. The steps I’d like to take to ensure this happens successfully is by implementing the feedback I get to support the various departments in the school, as well as helping staff with extracurricular clubs to reinforce additional development.
Furthermore, as we navigate through busy dates like Careers Week and P.P.E. Week, it is essential that the mental well-being of students is taken into consideration. I would do this by including regular, anonymous mental health surveys because I believe mental wellness is linked with personal development.
Personal development can lead to progressive academic achievement and an elevated atmosphere, which is essential to bring a sense of authenticity to the community of St John Bosco College.

Loulou: Vice Captain

I currently study Government & Politics, English Literature, and Media and hope to study Law at University.
I took on this position, as I enjoy having an active role within the school community, ensuring that the voice of the students is heard, and encouraging a positive learning atmosphere throughout all aspects of the school.
It is key to set an example for the younger students to inspire them to constantly strive for excellence and work to their maximum potential, whilst implementing RUAH into the school’s ethos, and helping to build relationships between staff and students.
I encourage younger students to aspire to apply to be part of the Sixth Form Student Leadership team in the future, as it allows you to enhance your communication, teamwork, problem-solving and social skills, which are all employability talents that would benefit you in a working environment.  

Amanda: Vice-Captain

I study three A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, and English Literature.
I applied for this position as it provides me with an opportunity to contribute to the function, structure, and overall well-being of the school which I am very passionate about. I hope to leave a positive impact on Saint John Bosco College and be part of the growing legacy our school has.
As Vice-Captain, my main role involves maintaining the Quality of Educational Opportunities which entails making sure that the students are being provided with opportunities that lead them to success whilst still enjoying their overall educational experience. Speaking to alumni and arranging panels and talks to inform as well as inspire students across all year groups is an example of what this title involves.
In addition, I form part of the Student Voice as an Access Oxbridge Ambassador, where I support high achieving students who want to attend Oxford and Cambridge which are the most competitive and prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. The aim, as an ambassador for Oxbridge, is to help plan university visits, workshops, talks, and mentoring for those students who would like to apply to those universities. This allows all students to have the chance of achieving their goals.

Stets: Vice-Captain

The A-level topics I have chosen to pursue are Physics, Maths, and Philosophy & Ethics.
As a part of the sixth form student leadership team, I am responsible for the quality of educational opportunities, and this entails research of educational opportunities to improve the cultural capital for the students at St John Bosco College.
The other vice-captains and I work extremely closely to ensure that the school exposes all our peers to the best opportunities to ensure they grow as academics and creative individuals.


Sumira: Vice-Captain

I am currently completing three A-levels in, Government and Politics, English Literature, and Economics.
I am an external student who joined St John Bosco College in September 2021 and have been given a very warm welcome from my peers and staff. I have grown to admire our school's strong sense of community, hence my reason for applying for the role of vice-captain.
I am looking forward to working in this role with my fellow Leadership Team members as we are a strong unit who strive to make the Sixth Form the best it can be at all times. My speciality will be improving the quality of educational opportunities we have to offer and being an ambassador for the school’s Access Oxbridge programme.
I will be working closely with the other vice-captains to ensure these are completed to the highest standard, as these are pillars of SJBC that can greatly benefit the students at our school. Access Oxbridge is an amazing opportunity we have to offer, giving our most gifted students an insight into the opportunities that are there for them in higher and further education.
I will also be responsible for ensuring a smooth transition for year 11 students entering year 12 and bridging the gap between going from being a secondary school student to an independent young adult. I am very grateful to be able to do this for my school and I look forward to seeing what we as a team achieve.