Kate Pace – Sixth Form Student President

Despite the many trials and tribulations of being a teenager being at SJBC has made them all easier to bear. The close-knit community that makes up the SJBC family has provided me with endless love and support over the past 5 years which has helped me become the confident, driven woman I am.

I am currently studying Maths, Physics, and Product Design with the goal of studying Architecture at university. I love all my subjects though I do enjoy physics the most, and I have a close bond with all of my teachers which really helps with the learning process as lessons are always engaging and never not boring.

I am also doing an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which is mandatory at SJBC and is great for when applying to university as it shows that extra interest and dedication to your field of choice as the project is completely independent.

SJBC greatly encourages extracurricular activities and due to small numbers, we can do these activities together at Enrichment. Last year I took part in Home-made Cosmetics and British Sign Language, both were great fun, but I especially enjoyed BSL as through it I was able to help people who could only use BSL to communicate whilst at work. I’m glad I took this course as it’s a very valuable life skill to have.

Furthermore, the 6th Form Team go out of their way to ensure that Year 12’s secure career related work experience during the summer so that every student has something to put on their CV. With Work experience we can gain a better understanding of the field we want to go into and deicide if it’s truly the path we want to take.

I’ll never forget my years at SJBC and can only thank God for all the wonderful, caring people I have met and who have become my second family for life.  

Niljon De Paula - Sixth Form Student President

I have been studying at SJBC for 4 years now. I am currently studying Media, BTEC Science and BTEC Health and Social Care which requires a lot of work, especially when doing coursework.

Being at SJBC allows me to do my work without any worries this is due to the support of the teachers and staff and the resources SJBC provides for its students. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my secondary education here in SJBC from an educational and social point of view, as our small numbers in the sixth form allow us to really get to know each other and socialise, whilst also getting more attention from teachers.

Unlike other schools, I have been able to get to know everyone in my sixth form and I think I speak on behalf of the President and Prefect team, when I say; that we as a cohort are comfortable with talking and are willing to help each other. These bonds have been strengthened through events and extra-curricular activities provided by the Sixth Form Team and the SJBC Enrichment programme, where we partake in different activities together as a team and develop interpersonal skills.

My best enrichment experience was during our first session in learning British Sign Language. We worked together in trying to figure out what each hand gesture, sign and learn the alphabet in BSL. We receive help when needed from the Sixth Form Team and our Careers Adviser helps us to secure work experience placements linked to the sectors we would like to get into.

Personally, I treat Saint John Bosco College as my second home and second family where I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. “Strive for excellence…” RUAH!