House System

SJBC House System

Our school community is sub-divided into five smaller ‘House’ communities to which all students and staff at St John Bosco College belong.

The school’s house system was established in 2016 as an initiative suggested by students in the School Council.  The house system enables all students to be a part of a defined sub-community in groups that link across year groups and staff.  There is a weekly competition between houses linked to achievement, effort, behaviour and attendance. In addition there are regular competitions in sports and others run by various departments in school.

Inspired by our Catholic ethos, all our houses have patron saints – who the students learn about in house assemblies. These saints were voted for by the whole school community from a list of suggestions proposed by School Council members. Finding out more about these saints gives our students the opportunity to learn from the example of their lives.

The five houses at St John Bosco College are: