Homework at SJBC is closely aligned with our assessment principles. Students complete 3 formal (exam conditions) assessments each year. Homework should support students in preparing for these assessments. Each week subjects will set students homework that is either ‘prep’ based, such as creating revision resources for topics covered in class. Or ‘retrieval’ based, such as completing low stakes tests (usually using online learning platforms Tassomai and Hegarty) with the aim of securing students' knowledge through repetition.

At St John Bosco, we are always looking for ways to extend our students’ learning. As a result, and as part of our school improvement programme, we are now using Tassomai and Hegarty maths, both are ground-breaking online learning platforms.




All students at from yr7-11 are provided with a Tassomai and Hegarty account. The majority of English and Science homework will be set using this platform whilst Maths homework will use Hegarty.

Both platforms use micro-quizzes and tutorial videos to build and reinforce a student’s knowledge and increase their confidence.

With every interaction, the platforms learn what students understand and what they don't yet know, continually adapting content to prioritise topics where students need to focus their efforts. Over time the programs will adapt to the pace of each student, giving them the right questions at the right time to consolidate learning.

Teachers can see at a glance where individual students and entire classes are excelling and struggling, enabling them to target intervention and adjust schemes of work.

Both Tassomai and Hegarty can be accessed online through a PC or laptop computer. Additionally, both platforms have an app with many students find more practical to use on a mobile phone.

Parents can support by checking students are regularly completing low stakes tests on both platforms in line with what teachers are setting. Discuss with your child where they are doing well and where they are currently struggling. Ask them to show you their current progress regularly to ensure they are up-to-date with the tasks set by teachers.


Additionally, each child should read for at least 30 minutes a day. In Year 7, 8 and 9, all students must regularly take book quizzes on Accelerated Reader, to make sure that they were reading it properly and that it was the right level for them.