Head Girl's and Head Boy's Welcome

Head Girl's and Head Boy's Welcome

Xaerhea and Jotham (Head Girl and Head Boy - 2020 to 2021)


Xaerhea: “I wanted to become Head Girl because I believe I’ve always had the potential to fulfil this role. Being a students who has had a difficult path to get where I am today, I feel that I am now in a good position to start to give back to the school and to help out as much as possible.”

Jotham: “I applied for the position of Head Boy as I know I can bring my personal attributes into practise, become a great ambassador and role model for the school. I believe I can make a positive impact as well as support both staff and students at St John Bosco College.”

Xarehea: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be Head Girl as I can support my peers as well as improve myself along this journey in education and beyond.”

Jotham: “I believe this is a great opportunity for me to help staff and students at the school and to be the best I can.”