Mrs A Thomson

Head of Humanities


Geography at SJBC aims to improve pupils’ knowledge of geographical processes at a local, national, and global scale. We do this through the use of up to date and interactive case studies, news articles and clips, documentaries, research, and detailed map work. We hope to instil in our young Geographers, a passion for the subject, developing a clearer understanding of our planet and the interconnectivity of the modern world.

Key Stage 3

A range of topics are covered at KS3 which help students develop geographical skills and understanding. KS3 explores a wide-range of places, environments, societies, and events that help to shape our planet, while taking into account the importance of a sustainable future. Geography at SJBC is about understanding the interconnections between the physical and human elements of the world around us.

Key Stage 4

The AQA Geography GCSE comprises of three Human topics, three Physical topics, a fieldwork trip, and a pre-release ‘decision making exercise’. There are 3 exams (papers) at the end of year 11. In terms of teaching we try to alternate between Physical and Human topics as much as possible. The fieldwork trip happens at the end of Year 10, and the pre-release materials are available in the March of Year 11.

Key Stage 5

A Level students study the AQA Geography specification. The course is split between AS and A2, with ‘Human and Physical Environments’, and ‘Geographical Skills’ taught during the AS year, and ‘Contemporary Geographical issues’ taught during A2. A2 students also study a pre-release paper, which they are assessed on accordingly. Over the entirety of the course, a vast range of geographical topics is covered that provide all students with a breadth of knowledge that will equip them for further study. Geography is viewed as a ‘facilitating subject’ by universities, due to its academic nature, and is held in high regard as a solid and positive choice at A Level.