GCSE Options

At the end of Year 9, students will have the option to specialise in a range of subjects at KS4. All students will study the ‘core subjects’ of English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and, naturally in a Catholic School, Religious Education. Students will be able to choose subjects from the following list:


Business Studies

Design and technology

Enterprise and Marketing

Food preparation and nutrition




Modern Foreign Language (French, or Spanish)




Travel and Tourism

In addition, Triple Science, and the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award will also be available; all students will follow a learning pathway best suited to their needs and abilities.

 The following websites provides advice, help and information on how your choices can help you decide what your future career will be:

Next Steps – Explore what you can do when you study a GCSE subject.

What can I do with my GCSEs?  - Advice on options available to you when you are choosing your GCSEs

I could  - Videos to help you see what GCSEs can help you get on the right track.