Frequently Asked Questions

Tunji Akintokun MBE

Q1: " ... What are the companies you think people should look out for?"

Q2: " ... What are the strengths you have which have meant you have succeeded in your career?"

Q3: " ... What is the most valued skill in an 18-24 year old?"

Q4: " ... What sort of extra-curricular activities can you do to put yourself above everyone else?"

Q5: " ... In your opinion, what is the hardest part about going into 6th form or university?"

Q6: " ... What was your original career plan and are you still on that journey?"

Q7: " ... What do you think is going to be the next technological breakthrough and should you look at it and start researching it now to get ahead of the game?"

Q8: " ... In terms of careers, in the next 10 years, what job do you think will be obsolete and is it wise to go into A.I. based technology?