Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Matthew Jenkins 

Question 1: "... You talked about studying Philosophy and Ethics. Did you do that as an A Level or as an additional AS?"

Question 2: "... and then in year 12, did you decide to do Science in AS?" 

Question 3: "... What is the A level subjects requirements but obviously beyond the kind of Chemistry which almost seems every medical school would ask for, someone suppose would ask for, Biology or an additional science the rest of them and the third one is about your discretion depending on the entering requirements in Medical School would you agree with that?"

Question 4: "... What is the hardest part about working in the medical field? 

Question 5: "... What is the demand for Doctors and its specialism nowadays; is recruitment stable or steady? 

Question 6: "... What would you say about the step-up from year 11 to Sixth Form have you got any tips on how to cope with that step-up? 

Question 7: "... Once you get your medical degree, is it difficult to change fields later down the line once you've committed to something or is it possible to do something different?