SJBC Sixth Form Enrichment

The purpose of enrichment is to provide our students with extended learning prospects which will enable them to further develop their life skills.

Enrichment gives the students opportunity to study concepts with great depth, which means all students can pursue their own areas of interests and strengths whilst incorporating the principles of respect, understanding, affection and humour (RUAH), where positive relationships are created within the school community amongst adults and students alike.

Below is a list of what SJBC Sixth form enrichment programme offers and how this fit in with our school community and life in the sixth form.

Adopt a Teacher Programme

This programme helps sixth form students to develop their leadership, organisational and communication skills.  It enables students to further promote and embed the RUAH ethos by supporting the younger community in need of additional support.

Each student will be assigned to a key stage 3 or 4 student in a class setting once a week, empowering the community cohesion and creating role models.

Book Club Leaders

All students will be required to support our local primary school children.

All students understand that supporting and developing every child’s passion for reading is vital.

SJBC sixth form students will encourage all children to read different types of books to develop their reading skills, expand their knowledge and be inspired. This will enable all children to read for pleasure and engage with an array of literature.

Royal Voluntary Service

Volunteer your talent 

Volunteering is a great way for our students to use their skills and talents to help others and can benefit our sixth form students to build confidence.

Volunteering is a great way to get work experience, get a head start in the jobs market while you’re still studying and help your CV stand out from the crowd.

Students will be able to get a well-earned break from their studies once or twice a week by doing something worthwhile.

Future/online Courses

We encourage our students to read around the subjects they study and develop a passion by completing short free courses and engage in academic reading.

St John Bosco College are advocates of extra study and believe that this can help students make progress in their subjects and provide useful evidence for UCAS, Apprenticeships and job applications.

Below are a variety of free course ( this is not an exhaustive list and students should further research all free course by clicking on the link https://www.futurelearn.com/courses)





Computer Science




Government & Politics

Peterloo-to-the-pankhursts-radicalism-and-reform-in-the-nineteenth century


Herny VII The Winter King  
Smart History  

Philosophy & Ethics




Tech IT



Sports Hall

The students have access to;