Mr S Kilcullen      skilcullen@sjbc.wandsworth.sch.uk

Head of English

Introduction to the Department

English is a core subject and therefore all students will study a course in English Language and Literature at GCSE level. Yr 9 students, when they reach Yr 11, will be sitting “exams only” for English Language and English Literature. Students will follow a linear course which means that, for most students, all examinations will be taken in Year 11. The aim of the English Curriculum is to provide all pupils with a coherent, content-rich and rigorous academic experience that will develop their literacy skills to ensure outstanding academic achievement across all their subjects.

Key Stage 3 Information

Year 7 and Year 8

Students will study English Literature in Yr 7 and 8. They will study a Shakespeare play, a 19th Century Novel and Poetry.  In the Summer Terms students will focus on English Language and creative writing. The lessons will provide students with the skills to analyse texts for the methods writers use to present key themes. There will also be opportunities for students to enter creative writing, poetry and speaking and listening competitions.

Year 9

Students will begin studying the GCSE curriculum. Students will study a range of texts including:  Romeo & Juliet, An Inspector Calls, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Sign of Four and a selection of classic and contemporary poems from the AQA Anthology.  For English Language, students will have an opportunity to study two external examinations in Yr 10.

Key Stage 4 Information

GCSE English Literature and GCSE English Language

Students study GCSE English Literature in depth, in an engaging way, aimed at all students so they can develop their knowledge and understanding of how Literature is analysed. It is a subject that allows students to not only study great Literature, but it allows students to develop the critical thinking skills that are needed for all their GCSE’s and for further study at A Level. All GCSE English Literature exams are closed texts. For GCSE English Language students utilize the skills developed in English Literature to be able to read and understand unseen texts for language and structure as well as utilize the creative writing skills learnt in KS3.