DON BOSCO Scholarship

The Don Bosco Scholarship

Don Bosco famously remarked that ‘‘it is not enough for children to be loved; they must know they are loved’’.  

At St John Bosco College, we choose to be led by the words of Don Bosco and our RUAH ethos of respect, understanding, affection and humour underpins everything we do. We also expect these principles to guide our students as they develop and contribute to their communities.  

Our school motto – Believe and Achieve – reflects our belief that no barrier should prevent our students from succeeding and that we perform a vital role in supporting our students to realise their ambitions. 

The Don Bosco Scholarship is a product of this vision for our students and our ambition for their academic and personal success. The scholarship is designed to ensure that all students can enrich their experience of the curriculum and develop essential skills to support lifelong learning.   

The scholarship encourages students to seize opportunities and manage their own learning by equipping them with the tools they need to enhance their knowledge, understanding and experience of the curriculum.  

Whether you want to apply for funding to attend a Sociology lecture or you would like to participate in STEM workshop or a creative writing course, it is for you to seek out opportunities that will enhance your experience of the curriculum, extend your learning and prepare you for your future.  

You will be supported through our Access Oxbridge careers, work experience and UCAS programmes.  However, ultimately you need to be prepared to identify your aspirations and seize opportunities that will help you realise them.  

How do I apply? 

 To apply for funding from The Don Bosco Scholarship, please fill out the form below:  

Scholarship Application Form

 All applications will be processed and allocated to a St John Bosco College Governor or alumnus who is experienced in the industry relevant to your application.  

You will be invited to a scholarship request meeting where you will discuss your application and gain valuable interview experience.  

The outcome of your meeting will be sent to you in writing within 7 working days.  


To be eligible for funding, you must have demonstrated passion for the courses you are studying at St John Bosco College and you must be able to explain how the funding will help you to realise your ambition for the future.