Curriculum Offer

The aims of the Curriculum are:

  • To ensure that all students develop and fulfil their potential
  • To provide opportunities for students to achieve good outcomes and move onto the next stage of learning successfully
  • To provide an education which is appropriate to the demands of the future
  • To encourage our students to adopt a problem solving approach to their studies
  • To provide an educational framework appropriate to each student's age, ability and aptitude i.e. to meet the needs of all learners
  • To provide students with the skills to aid their progress into independent, self-motivated learners within a framework of clear expectations and an appropriate code of behaviour
  • To encourage in those we teach an independence of mind, an enjoyment of learning and confidence in their own potential, sharing and celebrating success and achievement whenever possible
  • To provide a curriculum which focuses on children's core skills in Mathematics, English and Science
  • To enable each student to become a sensible and responsible adult, developing self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for others

Assessment Rationale

Saint John Bosco College believes that effective assessment systems enhance progress and ultimately achievement. Rigorous assessment allows all pupils to be supported and challenged for all subjects in all years.

All students are set aspirational yet realistic targets for all subjects in all years. Targets are set based on a variety of information including end of Key Stage 2 scores for English and Maths, FFT D and internal benchmarking. Targets are reviewed every half term to ensure pupils are set appropriately and no ceiling is placed on achievement.

We use a simple, easy to understand system in key stage three which informs parents of the progress they are making:-

  • Making better than expected progress
  • Making expected progress
  • Slightly behind expected progress
  • Significantly behind expected progress

At GCSE we use the numerical grading, similar to which is now received in students GCSE examinations across the country. Under these new measures where 1 is the lowest and 9 is the highest these are sent to parents each half term. In order that parents can better understand progress we break down the grades as follows:-

51 – A high grade 5
52 – A middle grade 5
53 – A low grade 5

Assessment is reported on every half term to pupils, parents and through parents’ evenings. Reports include information on where a pupil is working at, what they are on track to achieve at the end of their key stage, their position in relation to their target and an attitude and effort grade for all subjects. This information is scrutinised at all levels every half term by leaders and teachers to ensure that no students are allowed to fall behind.