A Level Chemistry recommended reading:

Why Chemical Reactions Happen - Keeler and Wothers
The Chemistry of Explosives - Akhavan, Jacqueline
The periodic kingdom - a journey into the land of the chemical elements - Atkins, Peter
Chemistry in the market place - Selinger, Ben
Bad Science - Goldacre, Ben
Bad Pharma - Goldacre, Ben
The chemistry of fragrances - Pybus, David and Sell, Charles
Prometheans in the lab - chemistry and the making of the modern world - McGrayne, Sharon Bertsch

Course Textbooks to purchase:

Edexcel AS/A level Chemistry Student Book 1 + ActiveBook
Publisher: Pearson
Author: Cliff Curtis, Dave Scott, Jason Murgatroyd
ISBN: 9781447991168

Edexcel A level Chemistry Student Book 2 + ActiveBook
Publisher: Pearson
Author: Cliff Curtis, Jason Murgatroyd, Dave Scott
ISBN: 9781447991175