Careers Education

Visions and Purpose:

SJBC is committed to providing all students with careers, education, information, advice and guidance throughout their school lives in order to raise aspirations and tackle stereotypes.  All stakeholders understand it is vital that we bridge the gap between academic and working life, and must equip all students with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to ensure their future success in their chosen field.

SJBC is committed in ensuring that our careers programme supports all students in acquiring an in-depth understanding of career options and develops a level of self-awareness to hone their decision-making skills, which will allow them to make effective transitions throughout every stage in education and careers.  Our careers programme encompasses the ethos of the school and promotes that all students must believe and achieve.

SJBC’s career intent is:
  • To encourage all students to recognise and value their own skills and abilities to appreciate their relationships with and responsibilities towards other people, the community and environment.
  • To develop the skills which will help students make informed and realistic choices for their future.
  • To enable students and parents to be aware of the alternatives and opportunities open to them at different stages of their life and to raise aspirations.
  • To develop their skills in communication, confidence and presentation skills that will be needed in new roles and situations.
  • To encourage an understanding and experience of the Labour Market information (LMI) and enterprise activities.
  • To develop students ‘capabilities to understand their own needs and abilities
  • To promote equality and opportunity, irrespective of race, religion, gender and special needs disability.
  • To encourage students to investigate their careers and opportunities on both a local and national level through direct experience of the world of work, work related learning and enterprise activities.
  • To encourage students and provide to information and skills to be able to implement their career plans.
  • To review and evaluate their knowledge of careers to make improved decisions about their qualification pathway in order to manage the transition processes at different stages more effectively.

Our intent is to provide ways of developing knowledge, understanding and experience of opportunities in education, training and employment. This will enable our students to foster the skills needed to improve their decision making. The intent is also a way of helping students to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to their own circumstances, incorporating our ethos of RUAH (Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour).