Black History Month

Black History Month

We celebrate and are proud of our diverse school community.  Black History Month 2020 gives us an opportunity to  learn lessons for the present and the future. to stand united against racism.  Our students are learning about different aspects of black history through all of their curriculum subjects. 

Below is a selection of some of the highlights from their learning so far ...

 SJBC celebrating black heroes during #BlackHistoryMonth2020.



(pictured below) Super independent work from SJBC yr 8 Alexis, who produced this poster depicting the history of the Black Panther movement for #BHM

 SJBC celebrating black sporting heroes during #BlackHistoryMonth2020.



Maya Angelou’s ‘Still I Rise’

English students will be examining the words ‘uplifting’ and ‘resilient’ and applying them Maya Angelou’s poem to understand how she has transformed her negative experiences into something inspiring that they can apply to their own lives. The lesson's PowerPoint can be downloaded below.

Year 8 Khalisah proudly displays her project on her "inspirational" grandfather - talented wrestler, musician & dancer John Lagey aka Johnny Kwango.

Khalisah's grandfather was part of Les Ballets Nègres, Europe's first black dance company as well as being an accomplished drummer and pianist, playing in various nightclubs in London. He achieved fame in Britain through televised wrestling matches on ITV in the 70s and 80s.

(pictured below) more excellent, independently produced work from SJBC yr 8 Alexis, who designed this poster depicting the life and times of US President Barack Obama for Black History Month.