St John Bosco College is officially an outstanding Catholic school.

The school was inspected under Section 48 of the Education Act, by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark towards the end of May – five years on since our last Section 48 inspection. The inspectors, who were in school for two days, have now published their report and St John Bosco College has been judged to be an ‘outstanding’ Catholic school. This is a real milestone for the school which only opened eight years ago and is a tremendous validation of all the work done by everyone at the school. Headteacher Mr Dunne has thanked parents and carers for their overwhelmingly positive feedback to inspectors during the inspection. The final report is published on our website  http://www.sjbc.wandsworth.sch.uk/page/?title=Ofsted+%26amp%3B+SeCTION+48+ReportS&pid=18 to be read and shared!