SJBC Community are with the people of Sri Lanka in their struggle and pain.



Praying for you all. May the people who lost their lives Rest in Peace.

Author of life, Man has turned violent, Crushing lives, Upending dreams, Attacking the heart of Sri Lankans With bitterness and hatred In coordinated acts of calculated terror.

Source and Creator, Grant a perfect rest under your tabernacle of peace To the victims of terror in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, Men and women whose lives were cut off by pointless aggression. This morning we bring all the victims who were Innocent have been murdered and wounded.

Remember with love The survivors of these horrors in Sri Lanka. Grant them peace and solace, Comfort and consolation, Blessing and renewal. Grant them endurance to survive, Strength to rebuild, Faith to mourn, Courage to heal, And devotion to each other.

Heavenly Guide, Hand of love and shelter, Grant the victims of terror Your protection, Your wholeness and healing, And Your peace.

Give us your strength and guidance to be

Messengers of Peace in our families, in school, in the community and in our country.