Saint John Bosco College, in the heart of Battersea, celebrated the outstanding accomplishments of their young readers on World Book Day, Thursday 7th March.

No fewer than eleven Year 7 students have already achieved Word Millionaire status, based on successfully passing Accelerated Reader quizzes based on books they have recently read. These incredible feats are even more notable considering students are only half-way through their first academic year at the school. Furthermore, two young readers have surpassed all expectations by realising Double Millionaire status.

The Accelerated Reader programme allows both staff and students to monitor reading progress as well as creating a healthy appetite for competition amongst participants – seeing who can read the most words, achieve the highest percentage correct mark or take the most quizzes.

Students are also recognised for their efforts as part of the St John Bosco College ‘House Competition’, which builds a sense of comradeship and well as friendly rivalry in the school community.

One of the most important facets to the challenge is allowing students to read for pleasure, independently and to allow them to enjoy the escapism from the demands of the modern, technological age, as well as the benefits of relaxation that reading books bring. It also develops their vocabulary and comprehension, equipping them with many of the skills they will need in further education and ultimately the workplace.

One young reader, Nana, when presented with his Double Word Millionaire certificate commented: “I just close my bedroom door and read in peace and quiet. I love it!"