In January, students from Salesian School Chertsey and Salesian College Farnborough  joined with SJBC pupils for a Religious Studies conference presented by eminent theologian  Dr Peter Vardy.

The conference was a bespoke programme designed to supplement and reinforce what they had learnt in R.E. for their GCSEs.

Fr Andrew Ebrahim SDB, Head of RE at SJBC, said: “Peter was his usual inspiring self and was able to stretch the brighter students in a way that had a number of them toying with the idea of taking up Philosophy and Ethics in the sixth form. It was a great way for the Salesian Schools in the South to come together and spend quality time with each other in a useful way, and for some of the Year 11 prefects, it gave them the chance again to meet each other and build on their first meeting during the Salesian Prefects’ Workshop held during the autumn term.” Salesian College Farnborough took 96 boys and 8 staff to Battersea. Their Head of RE, Charlene Enright, said, “the presentations were fast paced, entertaining and above all, highly valuable ahead of the GCSEs in May. We found it a very worthwhile experience from an academic perspective, as well as being able to see another Salesian school in action. Our students benefited from the day too, and it was so good to see them interacting with students from Battersea and Chertsey. We very much hope that this will be the start of more inter-school events; we have such an opportunity to come together with a shared Salesian ethos.”

The verdict from staff and students from Chertsey was similarly enthusiastic. James Roberts, Head of Key Stage 4 RE, said, “It was great to get some expert insight into areas of the GCSE course, and the conference gave students an excellent opportunity for enrichment. 

Particularly enjoyable was the opportunity for the 3 Salesian schools from Battersea, Chertsey and Farnborough to join together in a celebration of learning. Here’s to may more opportunities to form links in the future.”

Report courtesy of www.salesianlink.org