Judo Classes at SJBC

Dear Parents/Carers,
Touchpoint Judo Academy would like to welcome all students to join us at our community club sessions.

Prior to the lockdown, we worked closely with the school to deliver Judo through interventions /extracurricular clubs. Due to popular demand we launched a community club catering for all our students who participate in judo. The club was opened as an extra provision to encourage progression, enable students to grade, compete and explore more complex content. Unfortunately since opening we have had to close due to the ongoing restrictions and change of guidelines.This has affected the access of judo for all students within your child's school. After a long break and continuous work on restructuring, we are happy to announce our Club relaunch next term September 2021.

The school had a successful Judo following varying in ability, this included new students with a love of learning Judo fundamentals to being the home school of the no.1 ranked 2020 British Schools Judo champion. We encourage returning/ new students to become a club member of Touchpoint Judo Academy and give martial arts a try.  The local  club will be based within the school which is a great benefit. Becoming a member includes membership with the British Judo Association, promoting students completing a syllabus to be officially graded, regular access to competitions, newsletter updates and various discounts. Please note gradings can now only be issued to students who hold an official club membership due to new regulations set out by the British Judo Association. As we have a great partnership with St John Bosco College, we have decided to offer all students from the school 3 months membership FREE on registration to our club!

If your child is interested in becoming a member of Touchpoint Judo Academy,  please fill out the form below by 20th September 2021 with your details in order for additional information to be provided.
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdW5c2Wt9H8BNcMDx9fdazTbeK8XmNLM2yyf PM7WwLwWK84-g/viewform?usp=pp_url

Bakari Dixon-Eno
Head Coach
Touchpoint Judo Academy