639 and 670 Bus Routes

Routes 639 and 670 - Change of morning timetable

From Monday 4 September 2017 we are changing the morning timetable of bus routes 639 and 670, which run on schooldays between Roehampton and Battersea Bridge Road for St John Bosco College.

The morning journeys will now depart Roehampton, Danebury Avenue five minutes earlier at:

  • Route 639 – 07:26 (previously 07:31)
  • Route 670 – 07:32 (previously 07:37)


They will then run up to five minutes earlier than previously, arriving at Battersea Bridge Road at:

  • Route 639 – 08:21 (no change to arrival time)
  • Route 670 – 08:20 (previously 08:23)

This is to allow for traffic conditions and ensure that students can arrive on time for the start of school.

There is no change to the afternoon journeys.

We will post a new timetable at the bus stops shortly.

We are currently working with partners to extend routes 639 and 670 to a new bus stop in Parkham Street, nearer to St John Bosco College. We will provide further information on this when we can.