Welcome To The Pantry

We’re opening the doors to a superior catering experience at the St John Bosco College
restaurant, where you’ll be able to tuck into – whatever you fancy!

Every menu - from Breaktime to After School and everything in-between - changes with
the seasons, so you’re only ever eating the best ingredients, when they’re at their best. We
rotate your menus on a 3-week basis each term, so you’ll never be stuck eating the same
old, same old. We’re not shy about feedback, either – your input is priceless to us, so we’ll
work with students, parents and teachers alike to create a service that is uniquely SJBC.

With a mix of traditional and contemporary main meals, sides and desserts, together with
a stunning selection of Street Foods, we’ve got you covered – whether you’re eating in or
on the go. We offer a complete range of freshly-prepared sandwiches, bloomers, baguettes,
salads and jacket potatoes, too – so whether it’s a hot or a cold ‘un, you’ll be golden.

Your kitchen has it’s own trained chef who makes all of your meals from scratch, using the
freshest ingredients to create meals that bring the best of the High Street, right to your
Pantry Doors.

We have a bumper range of monthly promotions & deals for you to look out for. Every item
on our main menu is part of the £2.30 meal deal – just check out the posters on your Pantry
counter or the website to see exactly what deals you can dig into.
If you have any enquiries – just click or call. We can be reached on 020 8813 7040 or
office@thepantrycatering.co.uk from Monday – Friday 7:30am-5pm.

The Pantry Team