Face Coverings

As I am sure you aware by now the London area has been placed in to a ‘high’ alert COVID-19 category.

This means that there are some changes to the guidance to schools on the use of face coverings by staff and students in indoor communal areas and corridors. From Monday staff and students will be expected to wear face coverings in these areas.

There is not an expectation to wear them in the classroom if normal COVID-19 safety procedures are taking place, but should your child wish to wear one in class then of course they will be free to do so. If you’d like to read the guidance for yourself there is a link to it here.

This will be a change of practice which will take some getting used to. We do have a stock of disposable face masks for staff and students who forget to bring one in to school but from Monday can I ask you all to ensure that your child is prepared for the new guidelines.

We will share this information with students in school tomorrow and, from Tuesday, will expect that all students follow the new guidance. If your son/daughter has a medical reason why they cannot wear a face covering please contact the school to let us know so that we can plan accordingly.