It is our aim to ensure that all students gain equal access to the curriculum. This is best achieved when learners with special needs are supported, wherever possible, in mainstream classes. Although this will be managed by our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, all staff have a responsibility for supporting students with SEN through personalising the learning, adapting the curriculum materials and organising their teaching to suit the styles and needs of individual students. Dedicated Teaching Assistants will be used to support students with particular needs and those with Statements of SEN.

Our college will have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Base (September 2012) that will have the capacity to support around 25 students from across Wandsworth. This Base will provide dedicated support and teaching to these students, as well as ensuring that, wherever possible, they are integrated into mainstream classes.
Students have different gifts and talents, and our teaching and learning policy will ensure that those learners who have particular strengths, whether they are academic, sporting, artistic, musical or of any other form, will have these identified, supported and developed through our gifted and talented strategy.


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