Year 7 Catch Up Grant

The Catch Up premium grant is a sum of money the school receives to support students in Year 7 to make progress where they have not achieved level 4 in the KS2 Reading test and/or level 4 in mathematics. The school receives £500 per student that falls into this category. At SJBC we believe the inclusion of all students is paramount and we work creatively and consistently to generate the finest opportunities and experiences for every single student in the school.

2015 / 2016

The school has 21 students out of a total of 105 that were in receipt of the catch up premium. This gave the school a total of £10,500 to spend on supporting these students to raise their standards.

We have deployed the Catch-Up Premium funding to provide a variety of educational and enrichment activities, to offer a range of academic equipment, to increase our staffing capacity and skillset and to cater for the individualised needs for “Catch Up” Premium students.

The catch up students were supported in the following ways:

  • Additional groups in English to support Read, Write Inc programme to develop literacy and learning
  • Additional small group support in Mathematics where students are behind.
  • Teaching assistants are deployed in these groups and are employed to help students, with a particular focus on those with weaker literacy, numeracy and social skills
  • Support throughout literacy lessons – the schools literacy programme to improve reading and general literacy requirements.
  • Social Transition Groups
  • 1:1 support in Maths and English
  • Training for TA to teach more maths and hold small groups for students
  • EAL support groups

Impact of Interventions




Any next step

Teaching Assistants supporting students outside of lessons


Progress over the majority of students is good.  The progress of these students from their starting points is good.


Accelerated Reader


Average reading ages have increased by over 1.5 years over the year.


Students have more confidence in their reading.


Mathematics Support


Progress of students is good. 


Whilst students did not “catch up” they made progress towards achieving “Level 4”.

New maths teacher in place from March 2017. 


Impact needs to be heavily monitored


Interventions are continuing in 2016/2017. Initial impact is good.