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The UK Trauma Council has put out some materials which may be useful for schools and for parents. Please note this is NOT to imply that all children will experience traumatic reactions or be traumatised by COVID19 (and or other experiences) but we also are aware that both in the shorter term and longer term some of our children and YP will be impacted by these events.

The page is:


In particular school staff may find this helpful (video and pdf available):


Parenting teens during times of uncertainty online workshop.

When: Tuesday 20 October 2020
Time: 7.00pm
Where: Virtually (Microsoft Teams)

The talk will cover a range of topics including:
 Why it is important and how to help your teen get more of it
Communication and Relationships:
 What parents can do when teenagers won’t listen and how to manage your own feelings during parent-child disputes
Signs and Symptoms:
 What to look out for if you’re worried your child might be feeling low or anxious
If you would like to join us for this workshop please email
WandsworthWP@swlstg.nhs.uk You will receive a link to the workshop on 20 October.

Please download the flyer below for further information.