Hi, I’m Nyewuna, a Sixth-Form president, and I have been at SJBC for 6 years. I study Maths, Physics, Art and DT which is a lot of work but being at SJBC makes it much easier. I can truly say that I have loved every moment of my secondary education and not only from an educational standpoint but also from a social view, as our small numbers allow us to really get to know each other, whilst also getting more attention from teachers and staff.


Unlike in most schools, I have been able to get to know everyone in my whole sixth form and I feel each student knows each other and is comfortable enough to talk to one another. These bonds have been strengthened through events and extra-curricula’s provided by the head of year's and the sixth-forms enrichment programme, where we partake in different activities together as a team.


In my case, I chose to do upcycling where we worked together to make benches for the local parks out of palette wood. We also receive help to find work experience linked to the sector we want to go into, which provided me with personal insight in whether my career path is what I truly want. In conclusion, SJBC has become a second home and second family where I have made lifelong friends and unforgettable memories.


Nyewuna Amadi



Salesian Values

SJBC strives to have their students attain three things: the best examination results they are capable of achieving, an appreciation of their faith and responsiveness to the needs of others, and the skills needed to make the most of their life opportunities beyond school. These virtues stem from the philosophy of Don Bosco.


Subjects that I study

I do maths, further maths and physics. I have applied to read computer science at university, so these A-Levels are ideal for me.  SJBC does not offer further maths, so I have had to self teach. However, SJBC has provided online support for this. Physics is my favourite subject; the teaching is probably amongst the best you could hope for at any school.


Last year, I did Enrichment activities in Sound Engineering and Fencing. It was nice to try something new; I am not usually a sporty person but I really enjoyed fencing. I might carry it on at university if I get the chance.

Having to find and take part in relevant work experience

I did one week of work experience at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and a month at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory. We were expected to find our own work experience, so I started applying for places around December/January. If possible, I would highly recommend a Nuffield Research Placement (the scheme under which I worked at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory) as you get to work amongst real researchers and do some of your own research.

Social Aspects of Sixth Form

We hold lots of events that are aimed to build community cohesion. For example just a few weeks ago, we had a team building day that let us work with people we normally wouldn’t have worked with to get to know each other and our strengths. Sometimes at the end of term we have small parties, and we have a fashion show coming up to raise money for charity.

What I enjoy at SJBC

I enjoy learning, and joking around with my classmates. Everybody is very friendly, and I never feel left out of anything! A-Levels are hard, but they are also quite fun (most of the time…!) so it keeps me motivated.


Isabella Smith