Curriculum Offer

Curriculum Offer

The purpose of the curriculum at St John Bosco College is to help pupils to:

Develop Respect:
  • develop respect for themselves and others recognising each is valuable in the eyes of God ▪
  • develop personal and moral values, respect for shared values and for other cultures, religions and ways of life ▪
  • take their place in modern society with strong Christian values as honest citizens, able to earn their living and fulfil their individual life purpose
Foster Understanding: 
  • develop an understanding of themselves and their own learning skills ▪
  • develop a broad and informed understanding of the world in which they live ▪
  • ensure each child acquires the qualifications, knowledge and skills incrementally over time that allows them to fulfil their potential and have as many options as possible open to them for the future ▪
  • develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds ▪
  • equip students to be solution seeking and able to problem solve ▪
  • develop an understanding of how to live healthily both physically and mentally ▪
  • have secure maths, reading and writing skills
Nurture Affection: 
  • appreciate human achievements and aspirations ▪
  • recognise their own talents and actively develop these over time ▪
  • foster a love of learning and desire for personal growth and development ▪
  • understand and practice the gospel values of love for others and forgiveness ▪
  • understand how to develop and foster healthy relationships and keep themselves and others safe ▪
  • develop each pupil’s communication and team work skills
Encourage positive Humour: 
  • celebrate areas of success and talent ▪ develop resilience, take on challenges and become fearless learners ▪
  • develop confidence and the ability to think critically and independently ▪ develop flexible thinking and transferable skills ▪
  • celebrate an ethos in which every individual is valued and where good relationships in the whole school community underpin success.
Curriculum provision

Our curriculum provision is designed to meet the aspirations, interests and needs of our pupils and the developments in this area provide a broad, balanced and relevant spectrum of learning opportunities to allow students to gain the qualifications needed to progress to university, college, an apprenticeship or their chosen career. We do this within the school ethos of RUAH, through fostering Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour.

Our curriculum provision is reviewed annually to inform planning and provision for subsequent years. Alongside the taught programmes of study for each subject area, we offer an extensive extracurricular provision that includes amongst others: drama, programming, a variety of sports, cooking, art, literacy events, gardening and various musical activities. In addition to this pastoral support, assemblies, and themed events deliver wider spiritual, moral and social themes including E -safety, healthy relationships, Education in Human Love, British values and careers education. These are mapped out across our curriculum areas to ensure continuous coverage of these vital aspects of each pupil’s development.

A detailed overview for each subject area, as well as detailed term by term breakdowns of content for each subject are published on the school website to support both students and parents in understanding the overall journey of our curriculum.

On entry to KS3 all pupils are tested and grouped according to their aptitudes and abilities. All pupils study the following: English, Mathematics, Science, RE, Technology, PE, Geography, History, MFL (French, Italian or Spanish), Music, and Art. For those students for whom English is not their first language there is English as an additional language (EAL) provision. Provision for pupils to study Computing and PSHE is delivered through drop-down activities and/or mapped across other curriculum subjects.

Our pupils begin their KS4 studies in year 9 with GCSE material being taught across the full range of subjects. At the end of Year 9, pupils opt to specialise in a narrower range of courses Level Two (GCSE or equivalent) qualifications best suited to their needs and abilities.

All KS4 pupils follow courses and are expected to sit exams in English Language, English Literature Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Religious Studies.

Students also choose three optional subjects from: Art, Business Studies, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Language (Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish), Product Design, Music, Media, Psychology and Sociology.

Some students will also have the opportunity to sit GCSEs and A Levels in their home (community) languages where appropriate. Other GCSE option subjects may be added to the KS4 offer according to pupil demand/need. We offer an extensive range of subjects at KS5, each being taught by subject specialists.

As a Roman Catholic College, Religious Education is central to our curriculum and accounts for 10% of teaching time in KS3 and KS4 (working towards RE GCSE) and 7% at KS5 (working towards the EPQ qualification).