Our Mission Statement

After the example of Don Bosco our foundational principle is to enable each person to become a good Christian, an honest citizen, able to earn a living.

Good Christians: knowing their religion, with good experience appropriate to their age of prayer and liturgy, of reflection on their own life and vocation, of service to others; appreciative of the beauty of the world; respecting others and able to work with them; maturing as members of the Church; able to face the future with confidence and take up the challenge of the Gospel and its universal values of Love, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Justice, Faith, Integrity, Humility, Service, Peace, Hope and Prayer.

Honest citizens: good members of the smaller communities to which they belong, the form, the year, the College; understanding their place in them, their duties and their rights; extending this understanding into the larger community and society; and given the opportunity to understand how society works and how they can play their part in it with a keen sense of justice.

Able to earn their living: learning good habits of work, of diligence and of self-respect; raising their aspirations and sights as high as possible; obtaining the best possible educational qualifications which will open doors to further education and to work.

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