Preparation for Life

The Sixth Form years are about preparing you for university, a job and for life. These two years are about much more than academic study. The Saint John Bosco Sixth Form will provide you with the opportunity and experiences to develop your team-playing, leadership and life skills.

As an 11-18 school we are committed to raising students’ awareness of Higher Education to ensure they can make good choices at age 18. It is very clear to our students that never has it been more crucial to secure not only good GCSE qualifications but also higher level qualifications as so many people pursue a declining pool of jobs. Students will be visiting the local St Mary’s University College – soon to become the first catholic university since the Reformation – to speak to students and staff about this friendly and very supportive University. This follows a well received visit to London South Bank University. In the New Year we will have two more visits, this time to Universities from the prestigious Russell Group of elite universities: Robinson College, Cambridge and University College, London. In this way we hope to offer students an experience of the breadth of Higher Education opportunities. Our Sixth Form will be formally linked to Robinson College via the Cambridge College Area Links Scheme.


Our Sixth Form
  • Will become an established Post-16 centre with specialist staff and facilities.
  • Have smaller class sizes.
  • Provide a personal tutor system to oversee the development of the individual students in its care and offer advice and guidance regarding Post-18 choices.
  • A mentoring system whereby students will have one-to-one sessions with tutors on a fortnightly basis.
Our Sixth Form will provide
  • A professional atmosphere for study that encourages independence.
  • An effective monitoring system that evaluates a student’s progress and sets achievable targets that ensure improvement at every stage.
  • Support and rigour providing for the individual’s needs and requirements enabling our students to become ‘honest citizens and good Christians, able to earn their own bread’.
Why Saint John Bosco Sixth Form?
  • Subject teachers that know your son/daughter.
  • Familiar surroundings.
  • An Catholic ethos that values ‘reason, religion and kindness’.
  • An exciting opportunity to be part of an historic venture.
  • Create a tradition and association that will be with you for life.

As part of your university application you will need to draw up a Personal Statement. Your willingness to step forward, take responsibility, and to be aware of the needs of others, is expected by all university admissions teams and prospective employers. You will need to produce real evidence of your contribution to the life of the school and your sustained commitment over time. There are many ways for you to become involved.

Each week there are will be many activities in which you can participate. We offer a wide range of musical/choral practices, additional academic support and sports coaching sessions. There will be a Sixth Form Literary and Debating Society with regular talks and seminars by invited speakers.

Leadership and Development

All Year 12 students will be given the opportunity to involve themselves in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and experience the challenges of outward bound. Students can become involved in running events and outdoor activities for junior students. Leadership is also open to you through the House System and membership of the Senior Student Leadership Executive. Students are encouraged to test themselves and to face challenges. You can do it, but we will help.

Teamwork skills are developed through various collaborative learning activities or from membership of a band or ensemble, the cast of a drama production or one of the many sports teams. It may result from participating in one of our foreign and residential visits available over two years or from one of the community services activities.


Preparation for Life

Preparation for life involves developing your interests, but these can be more enjoyable when they are shared. Socialising will be an important part of life in the SJBC Sixth Form. In affiliation with The Saint John Bosco Association you will have the opportunity to organise student gatherings, and develop friendships that will remain with you for life.


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